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Home Page Hurtigruten cruises along the Norwegian coast, Svalbard archipelago, Antarctic Ocean, Greenland and beyond. Hurtigruten cruises with About Us About Us - Amilo Hurtigruten Cruises. ATOL licensed holidays and Hurtigruten cruises. Discover a world of unbound adventure on our significantly different breaks. Hurtigruten Spitsbergen Cruises Spitsbergen cruises with Hurtigruten – visit the kingdom of the polar bear on one of Hurtigruten's Spitsbergen cruises. Far to the north of mainland Europe, Spitsbergen is Norway - Cruises with Hurtigruten Seeing Norway on cruises with Hurtigruten. Metre-wide crab and sperm whales patrol the coast of Norway yet cruise ships from Hurtigruten are the kings of the North Sea. Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruises Northern Lights cruises with Hurtigruten are one of the best ways to see Norway, Iceland and Svalbard. Experience the mysteries of the Northern Lights on cruises through Greenland Cruises with Hurtigruten See Greenland on cruises with Hurtigruten and discover a world of narwhals, polar bears, musk oxen and blue whales. Find yourself in Greenland on a cruise of the Hurtigruten Hurtigruten classic cruises Hurtigrutten Hurtigrutten – Find the perfect arctic cruise by Hurtigruten for you. Travel along Norway's, Greenland's and Spitsbergen's coast with Hurtigrutten. Hurtigrouten cruises Hurtigrouten cruises is an alternative spelling of Hurtigruten cruises, which runs a variety of Northern Lights and fjord cruises in northern Norway. See our range of Hurtigrouten Hurtigruten Classic Hurtigruten classic cruises which sail along the magnificent fjords of Norway. Discover the Northern Lights and more on our Hurtigruten classic voyages Hurtigruten Midnatsol Hurtigruten Midnatsol is one of the company's modern additions to its fleet. View all the holidays that we offer aboard the M.S Hurtigruten Midnatsol Hurtigruten excursions Hurtigruten excursions on our wide range of cruises range from dog sledding and snowmobiling to city tours. Browse all of our Hurtigruten excursions Hurtigruten Sailing Hurtigruten – Sailing along the dramatic rugged coastline is a pleasure with Hurtigruten. See Norway, Greenland and Spitsbergen. Norway Cruises Norway cruises which explore dramatic coastline and magnificent fjords. See the Northern Lights or experience dog sledding on one of our Norway cruises. Norwegian Coastal Voyages Embark on Norwegian Coastal Voyages for a chance to explore the rugged coastline, flora and fauna of the country. Browse Norwegian Coastal Voyages Norway Fjords Cruises Sail along the rugged Norwegian coastline on Norway fjords cruises. Get to know Norway on a range of excursions with our Norway fjords cruises. Norwegian Fjords Cruises Norwegian fjords cruises - sail along the beautiful coastline and fjords of Norway and enjoy many excursions on our Norwegian fjords cruises. Sitemap Sitemap Hurtigruten Cruise

All through the year a Hurtigruten cruise is the perfect way to enjoy a unique holiday or a short break. These fascinating cruises explore the remote northern regions of Norway and lush southern areas in all four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter with each season offering a different kind of beauty. From late autumn into early spring, many visitors board a Hurtigruten cruise in anticipation of experiencing the Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon has fascinated people for thousands of years and continues to do so today. The spectacular show of green, blue, yellow and sometimes pink lights in the sky attract people to Norway year after year. In the summer, the Midnight Sun beams down on the incredible scenery of majestic fjords and rugged coastline. When on a cruise you will stop at some of the most remarkable towns, cities and villages along the way. At some of the ports you will have opportunity to leave the ship and explore on your own, we have a range of excursions that vary throughout the year that people can enjoy. Look below for details about any Hurtigruten cruise that we currently offer.

Finnmarken Hurtigruten

Sail through Norway for an unforgettable cruise aboard MS Finnmarken. Hurtigruten operate ships throughout Norway all through the year, not only to give guests the opportunity to enjoy the incredible landscape but also to deliver supplies and passengers to the remote northern regions. The Norwegian landscape changes dramatically from season to season, with each offering a different kind of beauty and alluring people to Norway year after year. MS Finnmarken, hurtigruten's Art Nouveau style ship, was built in 2002 as a successor to the 1912 Finnmarken ship. This ship has some excellent facilities and is the only Hurtigruten ship to boast a swimming pool. Also on board you will find panoramic lounges, bars, a fitness room, a hairdressers, a beauty treatment room, a solarium, outdoor Jacuzzis, a café, a shop, an internet café and a restaurant. While on the ship the spectacular scenery and the natural phenomena that occur in northern Norway, such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun will entertain you . Enjoy a relaxing cruise on MS Finnmarken with Hurtigruten in Norway.

Hurtigruten Norwegian

Browse through our website to see our range of Hurtigruten Norwegian cruises. These incredible cruises sail along the rugged coastlines of Norway from the lush southern regions to the remote northern regions and back again. We currently offer three classic voyages, the Classic Voyage North, Classic Voyage South and the Classic Round Voyage. As well as the classic voyages we also have some special cruises such as the Northern Lights Festival Cruise and the Winter Digital Photography Voyage. All of these Hurtigruten Norwegian cruises introduce people to the beauty of Norway. In the winter guests may be lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon where coloured lights dance across the sky. In summer the Midnight Sun, another natural phenomenon, shines down on the beautiful landscape for 24 hours a day giving guests plenty of time for the thriving scenery to entertain them. See our range of Hurtigruten Norwegian cruises below.

Hurtigruten Winter

Enjoy a spectacular holiday by joining Hurtigruten for winter cruises along the rugged Norwegian coast. Hurtigruten's fleet continuously sail passengers along the Norwegian coastline from Bergen to Kirkenes, getting them up close to the dramatic scenery. The cruises run all year round with each season offering a different kind of beauty. The winter cruises give guests the chance to witness the spectacular Northern Lights and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered landscape. When travelling with Hurtigruten in winter guests have the opportunity to explore some of the best towns, cities and villages along the way such as Troms , Trondheim and Kirkenes. When you leave the ship you will be able to enjoy a range of different winter excursions in a variety of places. Guests can book excursions before they leave or on the ship in Norway. Some activities that are available in winter include dog sledding, snowmobile safaris and visits to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. See our selection of Hurtigruten winter cruises below.

Hurtigruten Arctic Cruises

Explore the sparkling fjords of Norway on our stunning Hurtigruten arctic cruises. There is a wide choice of cruises ranging from specialist themed voyages, such as the Northern Lights Festival Cruise, to holidays from our classic range. Norway boasts many attractions including some of the world's most spectacular fjords as well as the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and Arctic Twilight. The ships call at various ports during their voyages giving guests the opportunity to visit a variety of idyllic hamlets and medieval towns. There is also a variety of excursions available on all of our cruises such as dog sledding, gourmet arctic dinners, visiting the North Cape and city tours. More detailed information about our Hurtigruten arctic cruises can be found below:

Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage Sail along sapphire fjords which carve through dramatic valleys and coastline that is adorned by stoned villages and medieval towns on a Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage. There is a wide variety of different cruises to choose from ranging from specialist themed voyages to our classic Norwegian cruises which visit over 30 ports. All of the holidays can be enhanced by adding optional activities such as dog sledding, Viking feasts and hunting King Crabs. There are cruises available throughout the year and each season in Norway brings its own natural attractions; winter and autumn is often illuminated with displays of the mesmerising Northern Lights whilst the Midnight Sun brings endless days in summer. Whenever you travel your Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage will provide phenomenal panoramas of some of nature's most magnificent scenery. Hurtigruten Cruise Line

We have a diverse selection of holidays from the Hurtigruten cruise line including Norwegian fjord cruises and expedition voyages to Antarctica, Spitsbergen and Greenland. Every cruise is designed to introduce passengers to the natural attractions of the places they visit whether they are phenomena such as the Northern Lights or awe-inspiring wildlife like Polar Bears. All of the cruises travel to destinations where unspoilt, dramatic scenery provides an unforgettable backdrop to the adventure of a lifetime. The Hurtigruten cruise line has been operating for over 115 years and is experienced in travelling through arctic regions and more importantly, they believe in providing a personal service with a friendly smile.

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