Hurtigrutten Cruises

If you are looking for an unforgettable trip along the coasts of Norway, Greenland or Spitsbergen, you have come to the right place. Hurtigrutten is a common misspelling of Hurtigruten who have over 115 years of experience of running ships along arctic coastlines. In recent years these cruise ships have become ever more popular as tourists have realised the many memorable moments they could cherish for years to come on a Hurtigruten cruise. With natural wonders such as the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and many other amazing aspects such as a vast array of wildlife and stunning landscapes and architecture, it is no wonder these cruises are becoming ever more popular.

Things to do on a Hurtigruten Cruise

When you embark on a Hurtigruten (Hurtigrutten) cruise you will never be short of things to do. In Norway, the ships stop at many different ports where guests have the opportunity to explore the area on foot or to take an excursion. There are many excursions to choose from in numerous different towns such as dog sledging in Troms in the winter, sightseeing tours of Trondheim and visits to the Kirkenes snow hotel, also in winter. In Greenland guests are able to witness the wildlife, rugged coastline and culture of the largest island in the world. Spitsbergen is home to majestic polar bears, dramatic fjords and stunning glaciers and guests will never be short of scenery to marvel at on cruises of Spitsbergen. There are also many natural wonders that occur in these countries that present themselves at certain times of the year such as the magnificent Northern Lights and the awe inspiring Midnight Sun.

Special Cruises

As well as the popular voyages that take guests on cruises of the Norway, Greenland and Spitsbergen coastlines, there are also special trips that are run at different times of the year to suit special interests. The Northern Lights Astronomy Voyage is perfect for those who desire to see the Northern Lights as the cruise takes you to the most northerly remote parts of Norway where there is an increased chance of seeing the aurora away from most artificial light. On this cruise guests are also joined by a renowned astronomer who will discuss the myths surrounding the Northern Lights while also explaining the cause of the Aurora. If wildlife is more exciting to you our polar bear exploration cruises will be perfect. On these polar bear expeditions you will cruise the island of Spitsbergen while stopping to spot wildlife such as seals, arctic foxes and reindeer as well as the highlight of the cruise, the polar bear. Book a Hurtigruten (Hurtigrutten) cruise today to view beautiful scenery, wildlife and natural wonders aboard comfortable ships.

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